inside AM: Additive Manufacturing is changing the world! Vision or already real?

Additive Manufacturing replaces numerous traditional manufacturing processes, facilitates the development of new products and business models and helps establish new value-added and supply chains. Are these claims about the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing real, and in which industries have they already been successfully implemented? What is really feasible, to what extent are businesses already using 3D printing, and what is the driving force behind this development?

AM Solutions shines a light on these and other interesting questions in its live event series "inside AM”, in which leading industry experts from different sectors will provide deep behind the scenes insights and report about their experience, applications, visions and obstacles.

  • Guest session 1: Sauber Engineering AG
  • Guest session 2: Oechsler AG
  • Guest session 3: GKN Additive
  • Guest session 4: Siemens Energy
  • Guest session 5: Dunlee (a brand of the Philips company group)

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