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Decades of knowhow have enabled Rösler, the global market leader in the field of mass finishing and shot blasting, to offer innovative surface treatment solutions across many industries. In the past years, our company has increasingly been challenged with requests for finishing the surfaces of 3D printed components. We learned very quickly that, compared to traditional production methods, 3D printing poses completely new post processing challenges.  For example, compared to castings and forgings the as-printed surface of additive manufactured components is considerably rougher, and they can have much more complex geometries, making it much harder to smooth and polish. Besides surface finishing our customers also requested unpacking of the 3D printed components, the removal of loose or sintered-on residual powder from the work pieces and, of course, the removal of the support structures.

Since we at Rösler strongly believe that additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, will have a profound effect on practically every aspect of industrial manufacturing, we decided to create a brand-new division, namely AM Solutions, within which all the company’s activities in the field of additive manufacturing will be handled. The division AM Solutions - 3D post processing offers equipment, process technologies and consumables for the automated post processing and surface finishing of 3D printed components, be it for single piece manufacturing or volume production. The services also include consultation regarding the optimization of component designs for the actual printing operation and also for all post processing stages. The division AM Solutions - 3D printing services offers a comprehensive service package that includes the design/engineering of new and re-design of existing products, the printing of metallic and plastic components as well as machining and surface finishing, all focused on the field of additive manufacturing.

Finally, with its unique, highly flexible solutions package covering the entire process chain, AM Solutions offers comprehensive support with the development, production and post processing of innovative 3D printed products. When it comes to implementing 3D printing technologies for industrial volume production, we are your partner.

Yours truly,

Stephan Rösler                     
President and CEO

Automated, industrial post processing: HP and AM Solutions sign cooperation agreement

At the Formnext 2019 exhibition HP and AM Solutions announced a cooperation agreement covering the development of new equipment solutions for the automated post processing of components  printed by the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

By combining their respective knowhow in the fields of 3D printing and surface finishing, the two companies aim at offering comprehensive post processing solutions for 3D printed components on an industrial level with a high degree of sophistication and process stability.

Stephan Rösler, CEO of the Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH comments:
“HP is an extremely valuable partner within our AM network. The cooperation allows us to further improve our automated post processing solutions and adapt them specifically to the Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP.”

Ramon Pastor, Interim Head of HP 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing, explains: “This partnership is an important example of HPs’ commitment to collaborating with leaders in the industrial ecosystem to drive the digital transformation of manufacturing. The Rösler group offers comprehensive know-how in equipment building and surface finishing, which are essential for many manufacturing operations.

We look forward to broaden the fields of application for 3D printing through joint developments and to speed up their implementation for volume production.”

Parallel to the start of this milestone cooperation AM Solutions - 3D printing services, the Rösler division specialized in printing activities, is expanding its digital manufacturing capabilities with the installation of its own HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution.

Read more about the cooperation agreement between HP and AM Solutions here.

S1 BASIC – The cost-efficient entry-level system for creating a perfect surface finish

Today the post processing of 3D printed components is still done with costly and operator dependent manual operations, which make a cost-effective, industrial production practically impossible. The right know-how and suitable equipment are key factors for an economically viable and successful use of additive manufacturing. They will contribute to

  • an increased productivity through shorter processing times
  • a higher cost-efficiency through the automation of post processing operations
  • improved component performance through optimized surface finishes

Our S1 Basic is a competitively priced entry-level machine, which, due to its compact design and easy operation, can be quickly integrated into practically any production line. The machine is suitable for manual or semi-automatic powder removal and surface cleaning of metal and plastic parts and with its plug-and-play concept, is very easy to operate. The machine can handle different blast media and allows the addition of various accessories. For example, the cabinet can be equipped with a rotary table or a rotary basket. The S1 Basic can handle work pieces within a size range of minimum 5 x 5 x 5 mm up to maximum 600 x 700 x 550 mm ( L x W x H).

Additional technical features:

  • ATEX zone evaluation ensures safe handling of residual printing powder
  • Optional upgrade with a powder removal system
  • Integrated blast media cleaning and recycling system
  • Easy cleaning of the system allows quick blast media change
  • All critical wear areas protected with a wear resistant PU lining
  • Can optionally be equipped with a PLC for partial automation

Read more about the S1 BASIC here.

AM Solutions - 3D printing services: the added value of “thinking additive”!

Additive manufacturing has clearly established itself as an industrial production method and over the coming years its importance will grow significantly. There are countless applications suitable for AM transformation and there are many players on the market for the creation of 3D printed pieces.

AM Solutions provides “added value” to additive manufacturing processes that are normally offered, giving real support for the operations before and after the printing process.

AM Solutions' approach is to start from "thinking additive", always and for all the various process phases:

  • thinking additive, when designing
  • thinking additive, when optimizing an existing project, taking advantage of the freedoms that 3D printing makes available depending on the type of object to be produced
  • thinking additive, when removing the supports, for simple production needs
  • thinking additive, when finishing the surface in standardized and repeatable ways that make the object suitable for its function and use

In conclusion, the added value offered by AM Solutions - 3D printing services is the "thinking additive" approach, achieved thanks to the latest software technologies available and integrating Rösler's skills in the entire production process. All this means a deep presence in the territory, great knowledge of the production process and reliability, combined with a proven technological leadership in the finishing processes.

To complete the services offered, AM Solutions has launched important partnerships with companies in the Additive Manufacturing 3D printing sector, including GPA Innova, PostProcess Technology, HP. AM Solutions' main equipment includes Siemens NX, Altair Hyperworks software, EOS metal printer and a GOM 3D scanner.

Read more about the portfolio of AM Solutions – 3D printing services here.

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