AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner: Providing business value in managing the complexity of manufacturing operations

Since the start of AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner we have tried to offer excellent quality and comprehensive services with a laser-like focus on providing added value to our customers.

Our main goal is to propose and develop a broad portfolio of manufacturing solutions ranging from initial product engineering to placing the finishing touch on the completed components. Along the way our customers are supported by experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of the industries we are serving. While our services focus primarily on all technical matters around additive manufacturing, we also provide traditional manufacturing production services to provide single source solutions irrespective of the type of production technology or process. Numerous customers from such diverse industries as medical engineering or aerospace, with an overall rather complex supply chain, have welcomed our one-stop-shop approach.

In the past months, we had also extensive discussions with several customers regarding the need for increasingly sophisticated post processing and finishing solutions. As the market becomes more familiar with additive manufacturing and the challenges this production technology poses, our customers are becoming more aware of the fact that surface finishing aspects must already be taken into account during the design phase for a product. Frequently, this forward looking approach helps prevent technical and, sometimes, extremely costly problems along the entire manufacturing chain.

One organizational tool is the “Design for finishing” approach that we are taking with some projects to ensure that by consideration of surface finishing aspects during the product design we are facilitating and optimizing the actual finishing process. This helps not only to prevent unnecessary costs but also guarantees the best possible finishing results of internal passages during the actual production process.

Therefore, it is not surprising that customers looking for a competent partner for their entire AM projects are increasingly turning to AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner for assistance. We help our customers to fully understand the potential of additive manufacturing for their specific businesses by providing them with a complete technical analysis that covers not only of the 3D printing operation but the entire value added chain. In addition, we support our customers during every single development phase of the entire production process; all the way to the finished product. This provides tremendous help to our customers in managing their supply chain.

Yours Ubaldo Concilio
General Manager AM Solutions S.r.l.
(Manufacturing service partner)

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and AM Solutions team up to improve the shape of things to come

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN takes another step forward in the realm of technological innovation as the organisation unveils a partnership with AM Solutions, a brand of the Rösler Group. As part of the agreement to bolster the team’s post processing of additive manufactured parts, Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN will acquire three S1 systems by AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology to bring the automation, economic efficiency and repeatability of its post processing to the next level.

Several 3D printed parts feature on the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN C41, competing in the 2021 Formula One world championship, and the ability to have more precisely made items created in an efficient and cost-effective way will provide benefits to the team. The S1 system for the automatic de-powdering and cleaning of small to midsize volumes of 3D printed parts offers numerous new technical features, such as a new basket design for optimal distribution and circulation of the parts, a specially developed wear protection lining made of non-staining anti-static polyurethane, ATEX conformity, and safe and ergonomic machine handling.

Stephan Rösler, President & CEO of the Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH: “We are delighted to partner with Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN in the field of post processing of additive manufactured parts. As an early adopter of 3D printing, Sauber has recognized the importance of post processing in terms of automation, cost effectiveness and repeatability in the AM production chain. Their deep knowledge and experience will help us to further improve our solutions and to increase the awareness of our still young AM Solutions brand. We will bring our decades of know-how in surface finishing combined with our tailor made solutions for the needs and challenges of AM to the track. By this partnership, we create a perfect win-win situation for two highly innovative companies that always strive for the max.”

Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and CEO Sauber Motorsport AG: “Additive manufacturing is playing an ever-increasing role in Formula One and every new iteration of our race cars feature more 3D printed parts – in addition to those used in other operations of the company, from the wind tunnel models to experimental parts. The innovations brought by AM Solutions help us create parts quickly, more efficiently and with less waste, meaning we gain on time and money, two resources available in very finite amounts in our sport, while at the same time improving the sustainability of our operations. It’s all part of the marginal gains we make across every aspect of our operations as we move towards the front of the grid.”

New media mix from AM Solutions allows more efficient and cost-effective surface finishing of 3D printed plastic components

With the growing utilization of additive manufacturing for volume production of plastic components the requirements for cost-efficiency and high-quality surface finishes are becoming more demanding. With a team of experts in the field of automated post processing the Rösler brand AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology is meeting this challenge head-on. The latest development is a media that generates absolutely repeatable, high-quality finishing results on thermoplastic components, which are printed with the powder-bed-based printing technology MJF and SLS. For this novel product the AM Solutions experts took advantage of the comprehensive development knowhow of the Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH. With more than 15,000 products Rösler offers by far the largest portfolio of media and compounds in the world.

The material, shape and size of the new media has been perfectly adapted to the post processing requirements of 3D printed plastic components. Christoph Bätz, Project Engineer at AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology explains: „The composition of the new media mix was developed through numerous processing trials. The result is a product that allows the surface finishing of a broad spectrum of components with different shapes and sizes. Irrespective of whether small, delicate work pieces or large components must be treated, the result is always a highly homogeneous, consistent and repeatable finish.” The grinding performance depends on the geometrical complexity of the work pieces. For certain applications the surface roughness can be reduced from Ra = 15 μm to Ra = 3 μm within 240 minutes.

Multi-stage finishing processes require frequently multiple media changes. Since the new MJF/SLS media already contains an optimum mix of different shapes and sizes, the need for such changes could be completely eliminated. Maintaining the correct processing sequence is also no longer necessary. This facilitates the overall handling considerably. In addition, since the new media type can be used for a broad range of applications, stocking multiple media types for different work piece categories is no longer needed. This represents a significant cost saving. But a higher cost-efficiency is only one part of the story. The new media also helps improve the stability and safety of the finishing processes. Of course, a significant factor is also the consistently high quality of the ceramic media, which is guaranteed through a mostly digitized and tightly controlled manufacturing process. Rainer Schindhelm, Division Manager for the Production of Consumables at Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH comments: „Decades of valuable experience allow us to continuously develop new products that offer a significant added value for our customers and provide solutions to the challenges they have to face. The perfectly adapted interaction between machine, consumables and process knowhow makes the innovative, unique solutions of Rösler and its brand AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology highly successful”.

Do not make post processing an afterthought

At AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner we are diligently working to expand the possible applications of additive manufacturing. Along the way we are trying to overcome the intrinsic limitations of this technology. Most of the time, in many industries the surface finishes of 3D printed components after the printing process do not comply with the actual surface finishing requirements. That is why, despite the numerous benefits of 3D printing, to date some users cannot take full advantage of the additive technology.

At AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner, with its comprehensive pool of machinery and process knowhow, we are working hard to explore and eliminate these limitations. As shown in our latest study, it is possible to achieve excellent surface finishing results, even mirror finishes, in a reliable and sustainable manner. We find again and again that the obtainable surface finishes on 3D printed components depend to a large extent on the actual component design. For this reason, in order to assist our customers along the complete added-value chain, at AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner we offer a service called “design for finishing”. This, along with the better known design aspects of additive manufacturing, is intended to focus on the required surface finishes already during the design phase of an AM project.

We would like to draw your attention to our latest case study. This analyzes the achievable aesthetic surface finishes on 3D printed parts, especially on components with lattice structures.

Download Case study

Expansion of the AM machine park as well as of the materials that can be processed

The purchase of the SLM 500 (Quad) and of a TruPrint 1000 from Trumpf at our site in Concorezzo (Italy) elevates AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner to a completely new level of technical capabilities and productive capacity. It enlarges not only the range of materials that can be processed, but it also allows printing components with larger dimensions. With this investment AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner can now also process titanium and aluminum and will be able to offer a vertical platform for medical devices. Whereas the TruPrint 1000 from Trumpf has a build volume (cylinder) of 100 mm in diameter and a height of 100 mm and is equipped with a 200W laser, the SLM 500 500 is suitable for the production of high volumes of 3D printed metal components. The build volume is 500 x 280 x 365 mm and it is working with four lasers. In addition to that, AM Solutions - Manufacturing service partner is running an M290 from EOS.

"The two new machines expand our capabilities for Additive Manufacturing", comments Ubaldo Concilio, General Manager of AM Solutions S.r.l. He continues: "These platforms allow us to significantly expand our services and offer our customers even more value”.