Our approach : support the customer at every stage

AM Solutions manufacturing service partner approach has been designed to support customer through the complete development steps of an additive manufacturing project. From discovery and feasibility to design and engineering, from prototyping to production mass - delivering the best in class 3D printed components and state of the art finishing services, we assist customers to catch the value of additive manufacturing



It is the preliminary phase during which the economical and technical feasibility of the idea is verified and proved, before starting with the detailed analysis and technical design



It is the phase of the detailed design of the application. Parts are re-designed, prototypes are manufactured, tested, approved. The complete production process is verified (in some cases “validated” and “certified”) including post processing and finishing. Production parameters are determined and formalized for each step. The whole production process is documented, validated and formally approved.



In this phase the process is implemented. Infrastructure is installed, configured, set-up and the whole process chain is verified and tested.



Production phase. The process is running and the production is executed as planned.