We provide solutions for all stages of the 3D printing process

Manufacturing service partner – entirely focused on your success
With AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner you have a competent partner allowing you to exploit the vast potential, which AM offers for the development of innovative new and the optimization of existing products. We take into account the complete process chain and offer not only comprehensive know-how in the areas design/engineering and printing technology but also post processing and surface finishing.

This broad knowledge base combined with the latest soft- and hardware guarantees you a consultation and service package that is tailor-made to your needs irrespective of whether these require the new design of a component, the optimization of a design, reverse engineering or the re-design of a product for 3D printing that to date was manufactured with conventional methods.

An important aspect of our integrative approach is that already during the design and print phase we take into account the surface finishing requirements for a component and, thus, prevent difficulties during the post processing phase as well as costly design changes. This approach, combined with a broad spectrum of 3D printing technologies and materials, ensures that your AM components can be produced in the best possible quality in a highly consistent manner.

Additive Manufacturing – Recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities
Additive manufacturing has definitely arrived for serial production of industrial products. Because of the numerous benefits of this technology the demand for 3D printed components is growing rapidly. Compared to conventional production methods AM is particularly advantageous for the timely creation of parts directly from 3D CAD data without requiring any costly tooling. It allows not only the efficient production of individualized components and small production lots but also facilitates quick and smooth individualization of these products - even in the case of volume production. And all this takes place in a highly efficient and sustainable manner, because, compared to traditional production methods no waste material is created. AM offers the possibility to make parts with highly complex, function-optimized geometries, which would be extremely costly or, even, impossible to manufacture with conventional production methods. That is why additive manufacturing is undergoing rapid growth, particularly in the aerospace industry, medical engineering, the automotive industry, lightweight component design and the tool making industry. It allows the integration of intricate geometries, precise placement of cooling channels, undercuts, internal structures, varying wall thicknesses, freeform surfaces and extremely delicate contours.

Advantages of additive manufacturing:

  • Design freedom (e.g. lightweight parts, cooling channels, lattice structures)
  • Customisation & Innovation
  • Fast design iterations
  • Time-to-market (shorter development times)
  • Reduction of the number of product components
  • Functional  features integration
  • Production on demand (spare parts stock)
  • Increased economic efficiency (time, cost and resource savings due to single-stage production process, unmanned production, no tool costs, etc.)