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Commercial drone innovator heliguyTM has recently worked with leading AM post-processing solution provider (AM Solutions) to optimise parts for various of its product range. heliguyTM has a suite of additive manufacturing equipment in-house in its production facilities, and uses AM Solutions’ M1 Basic post processing machine to enhance the surface of AM parts, which in turn improve component performance and aesthetic quality.

Colin Spellacy, Head of Sales at AM Solutions UK says, “AM Solutions is part of the Rösler Group, and as a company we have been working at the forefront of surface finishing for 80 years. Recently, we have applied this expertise to the field of additive manufacturing (AM) which has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to post-processing. Many companies planning to use AM as a production technology are unaware of the fact that post-processing can account for 50-60% plus of the cost of a finished AM part or component, and as such the use of efficient, automated post-processing technologies is vital. We are delighted to be working with heliguyTM, and it is great to see how our M1 Basic machine has become such an integral asset in the heliguyTM lab.

The M1 Basic is AM Solutions’ all-round post processing solution for the surface smoothing and polishing of single parts and small batches, and is able to handle both plastic and metal AM parts. It is a compact machine, which means that it is easily integrated into practically any manufacturing line. Multiple parts can be simultaneously treated in separate processing chambers through the installation of divider plates. The system features, among other things, a comprehensive, easy to operate software package which allows the storage of post-treatment processing programs and, thus, reduces the risk of operator errors. The M1 Basic promotes superior surface finish of work pieces in a cost effective and repeatable fashion.

Ross Embleton, Lead Product Designer at heliguyTM says, “AM Solutions’ M1 Basic machine not only enhances the surface of our 3D printed parts which both improves performance and look and feel, but it has helped in the development of innovative drone solutions. It is a fantastic machine and it is helping to drive our in-house design and development capabilities to manufacture our own parts, as well as working with third-party organisations to bring their concepts to life. The M1 Basic is refining the parts we’ve made using the AM process, providing better-looking and better quality commercial-grade end-use products. In smoothing and polishing parts, it also enables us to create a perfect surface for painting or dye, which is another important element of improving the aesthetics. Crucially, the M1 Basic is a very versatile machine, allowing us to work with a greater ecosystem of materials to expand our product offering and truly keep our manufacturing in-house.”

heliguyTM has used AM and it associated ecosystem of technologies such as AM Solutions’ M1 Basic to facilitate agile in-house manufacturing, the idea of bringing design and production in-house being a spur to the production of innovative and cutting-edge products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Spellacy concludes. “AM truly democratises and localises production for manufacturers, and as such opens up huge possibilities for expanding companies such as heliguyTM. In the area of post-processing for AM parts, AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology provides a range of processes and machines that are all focused on elevating post-processing from a necessary evil to an enabling technology. We exist to automate the post-processing of AM parts in order to overcome the sometimes, slow, costly, and disconnected AM process chain, and to ensure that AM is an efficient and viable production alternative to legacy manufacturing technologies. We promote innovative, customer-focused process development for AM operations, and we collaborate with customers to ensure the optimal post-processing solution for each application.”


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