Final run: "inside AM" presents Dunlee in his last session!

In the last session of our successful live-format of "inside AM", we dedicate ourselves to the field of medical on November 03 (15.00 CET). Therefore, we are excited to welcome Jan Philippe Grage, Business Manager 3D Printing at Dunlee (a brand of the Philips company group), as our guest.

"Additive Manufacturing is changing the world! Vision or already real?" AM Solutions shines a light on these and other interesting questions in its interactive live event series "inside AM”, in which leading industry experts from different sectors will provide deep behind the scenes insights and report about their experience, applications, visions and obstacles.

In the final session, live from our Customer Experience Center, Jan Philippe Grage will discuss the following exciting topics with us:

  • The significance and benefits of AM in the medical field
  • The process of implementing AM in a traditional production environment
  • How AM supports healthcare in times of COVID-19
  • What contribution can AM make to the topic of sustainability
  • The challenges and opportunities of using Tungsten in AM

...the interactive format of our event series allows you to ask all your questions live to our guests!



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