Meeting surface finishing specifications in a sustainable, efficient and flexible manufacturing environment

Polymer Parts

Alternative drive systems or conventional combustion engines, light-weight designs or the use of 3D printing for the volume production of vehicles… All the components going into the manufacture of automobiles have one thing in common: They must have a surface finish that fully meets the technical specifications! Rösler offers a broad spectrum of mass finishing, shot blasting and 3D post processing solutions along with comprehensive experience in the automotive industry. This allows the company to handle the most challenging surface finishing tasks with stable, sustainable and efficient processes and excellent results.

Additive manufacturing for volume production
In the past years 3D printing was primarily utilized for rapid prototyping and production of small pilot runs. Today additive manufacturing is increasingly employed for volume production. In a recently published report SmarTech Analysis expects that the production of 3D printed standard automotive parts will reach a sales volume of US $ 9 billion by 1929. In 2019 the total volume amounted to US $ 1.39 billion. This explosive development has become possible through improvements of the printer technology, better printing methods and new, improved materials. Among the numerous benefits of 3D printing is the high design freedom resulting in lighter components with more complex shapes.

In addition, 3D printing allows the personalization of exterior and interior components, an important aspect for product differentiation. However, the successful utilization of modern print systems for volume production depends not only on sustainable print processes and lower costs per piece. It equally depends on the economical and consistent post processing of the 3D printed components. In this respect „AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology” provides innovative solutions that meet the demands of the industry. This division within the Rösler group specializes in automated post processing solutions for volume production. Over the past years it has gained valuable experience within a broad field of different applications.


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