New Swedish trading partner for 3D Post Processing solutions

Rösler brand AM Solutions expands its global sales network

AM Solutions, the brand under which the Rösler group organizes all its activities around industrial 3D printing/additive manufacturing, further grows its global sales network. Besides the 15 international Rösler sales branches the KMC Ytbehandling AB is now promoting the AM Solutions products and services exclusively in Sweden. This cooperation includes also the marketing of the products of the AM Solutions partners PostProcess Technologies and GPA Innova.

With the KMC Ytbehandling AB AM Solutions could sign up a partner for the exclusive marketing of its automated 3D Post Processing solutions in Sweden. This represents another important step in the expansion of the global sales network of AM Solutions. KMC is a subsidiary of the publicly traded Addtech group. The company, located in Järfälla, has been active in the field of surface treatment for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience in equipment sales and process development to the table. To date the company has been marketing the solutions of technological and market leaders in the field of mass finishing, shot blasting, balancing and industrial part cleaning at 5 locations in Sweden.

The focus of AM Solutions is on the development and production of post processing solutions for 3D printed components made from metal and plastic. In addition, the company also develops processes to meet individual customer requirements. The product range covers practically everything around 3D printing.

This includes unpacking, removal of support structures, removal of residual powder and sintered-on particles, but also surface cleaning, surface smoothing and edge radiusing as well as high gloss polishing. The fully automated systems produce significant productivity improvements and cost savings. At the same time they ensure the repeatability and traceability required for industrial manufacturing processes.

Manuel Laux, head of AM Solutions, comments: “KMC is a competent and innovative partner with a lot of experience and know-how in the Swedish market. The company is known for its comprehensive expertise in customer support including service. This will allow us to jointly assist the customers with their additive manufacturing needs”.

Daniel Adlers, Managing Director of the KMC Ytbehandling AB adds: „The partnership with AM Solutions allows us to successfully enter a new, rapidly growing market segment and to expand our product range for the future. With this cooperation we can now offer innovative, cutting edge solutions to our customers for the efficient post processing of 3D printed components”.

Besides the new partner in Sweden the international sales branches of the Rösler group are part of the global sales network. Therefore, AM Solutions has a presence in Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Rumania, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain and the United States. This global representation allows local as well as globally active companies to quickly implement 3D post processing solutions, tailormade to their needs and with a consistently high quality level.


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