DLyte Desktop PRO

The new DLyte Desktop is an ultra-compact system that combines all the advantages of all other DLyte systems currently on the market, giving any company access to the disruptive technology of dry electropolishing. It is accessible to small labs, workshops, workrooms and SMEs that need a cost-effective solution for the finishing process of metal parts. From grinding to mirror polishing, this new setup offers a new, easy way to process any cast, sintered or milled metal parts.


  • Easy handling (Plug & Play)
  • Advanced and intuitive interface
  • Ultra-compact and silent (450 x 521 x 471 mm)
  • Simple electrolyte handling and storage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide range of materials compatibility

The machine works with the DryLyte technology, a new patented form of surface finishing of metals by ion transport with free solids. This is a dry electropolishing process that uses no liquid as electrolyte. In contrast to conventional polishing systems, this is characterised by a uniform finish, which does not create micro-scratches on the surface and respects the tolerances of the part.

Available versions:

DLyte Desktop Dental: Aimed at the dental sector and ready for the treatment of CoCr

DLyte Desktop PRO: Suitable for pieces made of CoCr, stainless steel, and titanium