For a perfect surface finish on large work pieces with complex shapes

The M3 system is ideal for post processing of 3D printed components made from plastic or metal, whenever these components are delicate, have a complex geometrical shape and require extremely gentle processing. The work pieces are individually mounted to fixtures. This prevents any damage in the form of nicking or scratching, because throughout the complete finishing process the work pieces never touch each other. Another positive effect is that the parts are totally immersed while being “dragged” through the finishing media. This ensures an intensive, even and, at the same time, gentle process that also treats complex internal work piece passages. The innovative equipment design allows the simultaneous finishing of one big component, measuring up to 650 mm, or simultaneous treatment of several smaller parts. The pneumatic media handling system completely eliminates the need for manual removal or addition of media and, therefore, drastically improves the overall cost efficiency.

Key features:

  • Completely closed, robust finishing system
  • Automatic media handling system with fill level control
  • Settings of the imbalance weights monitored by special sensors
  • Process water flow and compound concentration controlled from the PLC
  • Ergonomic work piece handling