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Chemical smoothing and dyeing of polymers in one single machine

Our new C2 takes chemical smoothing of 3D printed parts to a new level of technology. This 2-in-1 system enables the chemical smoothing and dyeing of additive manufactured polymer components in one single process. Thanks to specially developed process media, the C2 operates more eco-friendly than comparable systems, while at the same time being highly efficient and economical. For example, with the immersion smoothing technology the processing time can be reduced by up to 50%. Overall, the costs per piece can be lowered by up to 60% compared to other solutions.

The entire process is fully automated and continuous without manual intervention, resulting in a significantly leaner process chain. Numerous features, such as a lifting device that feeds the part holder into the system with high precision and intuitive part handling, complete the C2's overall package.


Key features:

  • 2-in-1-process: chemical smoothing and dyeing in one single operation 
  • Significantly lower capital investment and small footprint
  • Immersion smoothing technology reduces processing times by up to 50%
  • Compared to alternative solutions, the costs per piece can be up to 60% lower
  • Up to 80% lower surface roughness
  • Closed system with continuous cleaning and recycling of the process liquid
  • More eco-friendly than other chemical smoothing processes
  • Flexible quick-connect clamping system allows intuitive part handling
  • Special lifting device ensures ergonomic loading and unloading of the parts

"AM Solutions' unique 2-in-1 approach, in which chemical smoothing and dyeing are carried out in just one process step, convinced us to participate in the C2 beta program and thus further expand the partnership."

Matthias Henkel, Managing Director of FKM Sintertechnik GmbH.

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