Cost effective multi talent for powder removal and cleaning

The cost effective plug-and-play design allows easy and efficient operation with manual as well as semi-automatic processing. The S1 system is also suitable for the automatic and effective removal of residual powder after the printing operation. The constant rotation of the work pieces during the cleaning process ensures repeatable and consistent shot blasting results without damaging the work piece surface. This applies equally to plastic and metal components providing an excellent basis for subsequent manufacturing operations. Because of its small footprint and sturdy design this machine can be easily integrated into any manufacturing line.

Key features:

  • Plug-and-play design makes this the ideal entry-level system
  • Simple and flexible operation, even with complex 3D printed components
  • Speedy exchange of blast media
  • System allows the use of highly abrasive as well as gentle blast media
  • Simple and quick cleaning of the complete system