More efficient and cost-effective for a wide range of workpieces


Regardless of whether you print components from metal or plastic, with AM Solutions’ post processing technology you have a product development partner that can support you at every stage of post processing. We offer not only a wide spectrum of machine equipment, but can also supply the required media and compounds, which are constantly adapted to all kinds of AM applications.

Our consumables product range includes grinding and polishing media, compounds for customized mass finishing processes, and shot blast media. This spectrum of products coupled with the knowledge and experience of our specialists in the Rösler test centres around the world allows the development of process solutions that can fully meet your specific technical requirements. The result — we can provide you with technically and economically optimal solutions for practically every application.


Ceramic Media

Ceramic media are renowned for being particularly durable and effective. They are excellently suited to the aggressive grinding and edge rounding of hard materials.


Plastic Media

Plastic grinding media are used for the gentle deburring, edge rounding or grinding of brass, aluminum or copper. They are only approximately half the weight of ceramic media.



Compounds are the magic potion of mass finishing – their composition determines the reliability of the vibratory finishing process and the additional effects achieved in addition to the removal of material. They are available as liquids, powders and pastes.


Shot Blasting Media

We also provide in-depth, comprehensive advice in relation to shot blasting and all common blast media, which we have at our Customer Experience Center for test purposes.

Our MJF media mix allows more efficient and cost-effective surface finishing

With its latest development of a new media type for post processing of thermoplastic components, printed with the MJF and SLS technology, AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology is further expanding its product portfolio. The new media permits the safe, cost-efficient finishing of 3D printed components with different shapes and sizes in one single process step and with absolutely repeatable results. This eliminates the time-consuming and costly media changes for different processing stages. In combination with the respective printing knowhow the new media mix generates a perfect, finely structured and highly homogeneous surface finish.

We offer the best consumables for your process. Our experts are happy to advise you!