Integrated supply chain allows agility and total focus on quality!

Vertical Integration

AM Solutions - 3D post processing technology has a reputation based on the manufacture of high-quality AM post-processing solutions. To achieve the precision, reliability, repeatability, and quality that our customers demand, all our post-processing solutions are manufactured in-house, and all under one roof. Such a level of vertical integration allows us to streamline our operations as we own the various stages of the production process instead of relying on external contractors or suppliers. Such an integrated supply chain not only ensures minute attention to detail is maintained at all times, but also insulates AM Solutions against the vagaries of international trade disruptions obvious during the recent pandemic.

With design, machining, manufacturing, and assembly teams all working together in one facility, AM Solutions nurtures cross-company collaboration every day on an impressive area of > 80,000 m2 just for production and development at our headquarter in Germany.

This allows us to be flexible and nimble as we work for and with our customers to provide the ultimate in high quality AM post-processing solutions. It also promotes the ability to be able to customize solutions, only possible when machines are understood and fully built in-house.

Partners like HP and Mimaki rely on this strength of AM Solutions - 3D post processing technology. For example, the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Automatic Unpacking Station, which was jointly developed by HP and AM Solutions, is manufactured at the site in Germany. The same applies to the post processing solution from Mimaki to go with their 3DUJ-2207 printer. Two additional production lines were created specifically for this purpose.

"It is important that AM Solutions/Rösler has been making and assembling its own machines for 60 plus years. This level of vertical integration means that machines are not just bought off-the-shelf but can be customised. To adapt a machine you need to know it inside and out, and this is only possible if you build it yourself."

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Amend, Director 3DP Process Engineering & Customer Projects, Proto Labs Germany GmbH