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Our Team

The AM Solutions - 3D post processing technology team is well-known for its experience, technical know-how, and is characterised by a logical, level-headed approach that ensures that we have an absolute focus on achieving customer goals.

We have one objective, and that is providing optimum post-processing solutions for AM based on an 8-decade long pedigree in industrial post-processing. We work every day for our customers with a passion and commitment that translates into innovative and cutting-edge AM post-processing technologies.

As a young start-up within the established Rösler Group, AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology exhibits an agility due to its flat management hierarchies. This means a team that can react quickly to the frequent demand changes in the highly dynamic and rapidly evolving AM sector. The company and team also benefit hugely being a part of the globally strong Rösler group which has established structures and decades of experience in mechanical engineering.

Every member of the AM Solutions team lives by the core values of the company that underpin and motivate everything that we do. We firmly believe that it is the core values of a company that allow it to make its claims of competency. Without the right values, competencies and processes can be weak and produce sub-optimal customer experiences and results.

Every member of the AM Solutions team is characterised by dedication and integrity. We are defined by our customers’ success, and are dedicated to the provision of optimized solutions within budget and on time. We focus ONLY on customer satisfaction, integrity meaning that every project we work on is characterized by an honest, pragmatic and collaborative working relationship with you.

By doing this we add real and tangible value to your business.


David Soldan

Head of AM Solutions

Tobias Schamberger

Sales Manager
AM Solutions

Moritz Beck

Development Manager
AM Solutions

Florian Müller

Engineering Manager
AM Solutions