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AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology is part of the Rösler Group, which has been a leading expert in the field of surface finishing for more than 80 years, and offers the most extensive portfolio of mass finishing and shot blasting systems, consumables, and services in the world. Renowned companies from a wide range of industries such as aerospace, medical or automotive trust in Rösler products and services.

AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology was created from this rich heritage, and applies knowledge from 8 decades working in traditional manufacturing processes to the disruptive area of additive manufacturing (AM).

Over the past few years Rösler has been approached more and more with requests for the surface finishing of 3D printed parts. The company was immediately aware that AM poses entirely new challenges for post processing and surface finishing. For example, AM parts are significantly rougher than machined parts, and their geometric complexity complicates the smoothing and polishing process. Add in the need to unpack AM produced parts, remove loose or sintered powder residues, and support removal, and it is obvious a new perspective is needed for AM post processing.

And so AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology was born, and has since focused relentlessly on automated AM post processing solutions to shift away from the need for costly and non-repeatable manual AM part finishing.

All our customers ultimately require the same thing, end-use parts that fulfil design intent and which exhibit superior surface finish. At AM Solutions, we are able to apply our rich industrial heritage to the area of AM to provide confidence to our customers, and to cost-effectively, speedily, and accurately address the post-processing needs of AM produced parts.

Our specialist team is able to design an AM post processing process that is perfectly suited to your specific applications. The company is effectively your expert partner and can offer you partially or fully automatic post processing solutions on an industrial scale.

Our products and services guarantee not only significant productivity increases and cost savings, but they also provide the stability and replicability required for industrial manufacturing processes. We can offer solutions to your post processing challenges, irrespective of the printing method or the component material, from one single source.