System for powder removal and surface finishing of large, geometrically complex components

The S3 plug-and-play system was specially developed for wet blasting applications. The integrated, robot-guided operation allows the targeted, gentle processing of large and complex work pieces made from metal or plastic materials. Continuous monitoring of all process parameters guarantees a high degree of process safety. All this allows the fully automatic removal of residual powder and surface homogenization with a high degree of sustainability and absolutely repeatable results. The large, L-shaped door permitting access through the machine roof makes it possible to load/unload the work pieces by crane.

Key features:

  • Application of a pre-finish as well as final finish with a wet blasting process
  • By creating a protective layer on the work piece surface wet blasting is extremely gentle
  • Small footprint
  • Selective processing of the workpiece surface possible
  • Blasting with water only or, alternatively, with abrasive media
  • Wet blasting is not subject to ATEX regulations
  • The CAD files allow off-line programming
  • Recycling and cleaning of the process water