M1 Basic

M1 Basic

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Compact entry-level finishing system for processing single components and small work piece batches

As a highly economical entry-level machine, the M1 Basic can be integrated into your manufacturing line as a completely self-contained system. This equipment solution also distinguishes itself by a compact design and ease of operation. It is ideal for surface smoothing and polishing of 3D-printed components made of metal or plastic. Whether you must process individually printed components or small batches – the M1 Basic guarantees perfect and repeatable finishing results. Besides that, the machine is equipped with an integrated process water recycling system including the respective process monitoring.

Key features:

  • Simultaneous and cost effective post processing of different materials
  • Suitable for single piece and batch processing
  • Compact design with integrated process water circulation, noise protection package and automated process supervision
  • Intelligent control for highest reproducibility and process control
  • User-friendly software solution allows processing for different applications
  • Compact and easy-to-operate entry-level system
  • Plug and play, immediately ready for your production floor

"For many components the mass finishing technology represents an excellent alternative to chemical smoothing. The smoothing process is significantly more cost-effective providing us with a considerable competitive advantage. No doubt, the expert knowledge of AM Solutions, based on Rösler’s comprehensive expertise in mass finishing technologies and the development and production of suitable media, also plays an important role."

Arnd Meller, Manager of AM at Klaus Stöcker

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