Unique parts handling and fully automated post-processing

Just place your plastic components, produced with powder-bed printing systems, into the S2 – everything else takes place in a fully automatically. The special loop belt allows single piece flow and particularly gentle work piece handling. This ensures uniform cleaning, surface homogenization and / or peening of the work pieces in continuous mode operation. The integrated blast media recycling system guarantees consistently good processing results.

Key features:

  • Gentle part handling and uniform blast processing due to the unique continuous loop belt design
  • No discoloration of parts due to the polyurethane loop belt and blast media conditioning
  • Automated processing of complete print jobs, independent of the printer manufacturer
  • Monitoring of the blasting process ensures reproducible blasting results and consistent quality
  • Efficient blast media recycling
  • Compact design with plug-and-play connections
  • Integrated sound insulation with special door seals