Fully automatic powder removal, cleaning and surface homogenization of 3D printed parts

If you are looking for a fully automatic machine for powder removal as well as cleaning and shot blasting of additive components made with the SLS and MJF printing systems, the S2 unit is the perfect solution. Fully automatic operation, including work piece handling and unloading, and short cycle times allow post processing of the output from several printers with one single S2 unit. This automated unpacking and shot blasting machine guarantees not only an efficient, flexible and cost effective process but also a high degree of result repeatability. The integrated quality control system with built-in cameras and sensors ensures a highly efficient finishing process with optimum results.

Key features:

  • Specially developed for post processing of plastic components made by powder bed based systems
  • Highly efficient powder removal, cleaning and shot blasting in one single machine
  • Classification of different machine sections into specific ATEX zones guarantees compliance with the most stringent safety standards
  • Guaranteed high cost efficiency through short cycle times
  • Continuous recycling and cleaning of the media
  • Excellent, homogeneous surface finish
  • Allows reclaiming residual powder for re-use