Comprehensive post processing solutions - from one single source

Along with the introduction of new 3D printing technologies and increased quality demands the post processing tasks are also becoming more complex. In order to offer you the best post processing solution, irrespective of the printing system, the utilized materials and the finishing task, we have been looking for competent partners who share our commitment for quality, innovation and customer orientation. With PostProcess Technologies, GPAINNOVA und CIPRES AM Solutions has found excellent partner companies. The additional range of equipment and services provided by our partners helps us to significantly expand our portfolio of solutions allowing us to offer you the ideal machine and process technology most suitable for your individual post processing requirements.

PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess Technologies is the pioneer of automated 3D post-printing, offering software-driven support removal and surface finishing solutions. Their systems eliminate time-consuming piece-by-piece manual finishing and inefficient traditional finishing machinery with a combination of software, hardware, and consumables. From SLA to FDM to MJF to PolyJet, PostProcess has got it covered. Their suite of solutions finishes all 3D print technologies, allowing users to increase throughput and boost productivity to realize the full potential of additive manufacturing.

  • Consistently finish even the most complex and delicate parts
  • Trust a software-controlled process that achieves high quality repeatability
  • Remove the post-print bottleneck, enabling high volume production

PostProcess‘ software-based technology integrates with proprietary chemistry and hardware systems to provide automated, intelligent, comprehensive post-print solutions. In addition to solving today’s rapid proto-typing and low volume production post-print challenges, our solutions can connect the direct digital thread needed to deliver continuous post-printing for high volume production.

Our AUTOMAT3D software enables users with the convenience and flexibility of a single post-print platform for use across all of their 3D print operations. We’ve spent years collecting data from hundreds of thousands of benchmark parts of all 3D print technologies. The data we’ve collected is at the core of our software design, which incorporates optimized recipes to deliver a precise finish every time.

AUTOMAT3D continuously monitors and reacts to key process factors to optimize part finish. This logic-based, real-time decision making reduces operator attended time to increase the efficiency of the user‘s AM operation and enable volume production.


DLyte is a technological solution that simplifies and standardizes the postproduction process of metal parts, improving the finishing results obtained with traditional polishing systems. The new production systems allows to create very complex geometries which uptill now have not been achieved meeting the initial technical requirements. DLyte allows and ensures that the final finish fits these technical specifications. The process extracts the material only from the high peaks of the roughness, it does not round the edges and penetrates the internal cavities of the piece to which cannot be accessed mechanically.

  • Preserves the initial shape and edges
  • Ra under 0,09 µm
  • Mirror finishing in one step
  • Repeatability and standardization